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BLACK ICE FOZ SSX-Soundstage Expander

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3 Major Design Components Initially, the signal passes thru the tube which buffers and cleans the signal. The bass equalizer circuit is designed to increase up to 9dB low bass impact without bass boom. Conversely, in the event of boomy bass, the bass equalizer can reduce the boom up to 9 dB. (based on Fosgate US patent 3,883,832). The dimensionality circuit adds a greater sense of depth, space and helps pull the soundstage outside of your head. It is part of a Jim Fosgate US patent (number 5,307,415) originally used in surround processors. It was called a “panorama control”. It cross feeds signals between the channels so each channel has a signal from the other which is out of phase. Negative feedback is applied around this stage in a single loop. Output offset is controlled with DC servos allowing the video buffers to directly drive the signal path with no output capacitors. There is only one coupling capacitor per channel in the signal path, and it is enclosed within the feedback loop, thus capacitor colorations are eliminated. Separate, oversized storage capacitors on utilized on each channel to provide a rock solid supply voltage without voltage regulators to affect the signal. The circuit is configured so that audio signals from the one channel cannot couple to the other, preserving soundstage width and depth. Distortion and noise are below the threshold of hearing. The bandwidth is very wide allowing audio signals to pass through without colorations. Bandwidth is an amazing “ten times” threshold of human hearing 2 Hz to 200KHz at -3Db.

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