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DAC transport Fusion DAC Transport: Pure tube, no op amps in a DAC that has a transport for CD playing as well. With a fully balanced circuit and six tubes in the signal path, this player will bring definition in clarity without any loss of smoothness. Transparency and air without any sacrifice of richness. Parts are of first grade quality and we have taken the worry out of chip obsolescence; should we upgrade the chips, it will be just a matter of changing the board. Time to see what tubes and a Hi-performance circuit will have on your digital music. Features: Stereo configured in Dual MonoTube Circuit (Fully Balanced Circuit) XLR and RCA outs Full aluminum chassis Dac Board can be interchanged with future upgraded boards Upgraded part such as ESA clarity caps, ultra fine cast wire in the signal path. Full Metal Remote Control Phillips Transport Input Signal CD Disc, USB, Coaxial or Toslink In terms of function, the DAC Transport can operate as a stand alone DAC with USB, Toslink and Coaxial inputs. Digital Output signal toslink or Coaxial 2 pieces premium Tungsol 12AU7 preamplifier vacuum tubes. 2 pieces premium Tungsol 12AT7 driver vacuum tubes 2 pieces premium Tungsol 12AX7 driver vacuum tubes DAC Specifications USB PCM 384-kHz, 32-Bit DSD 64/DSD 128 DAC Supports 32-bit 384kHz ,DSD Dynamic 132dB THD+N 0.0005% DAC chip direct transmits analog signal to SRPP Tube circult, R Style Transformer State of the Art Components: Capacitor filters, Gold plated RCA jacks, PCM 1795 TI (Burr-Brown) DAC IC/DSD support SA9227 USB IC DSD Support SA9800 Airplay Wireless Audio module

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