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BLACK ICE FUSION 22-Integrated Amplifier

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Black Ice Audio Fusion F22 Integrated Amplifier

The new Black Ice Audio F22 is a state-of-the-art stereo tube integrated amplifier sporting a new breakthrough circuit design by Jim Fosgate – that includes touch sensors, LEDs, and a look that wants attention.

50/60 Watt Integrated Amplifier Odyssey Circuit with EL34s Touch Sensor Interface Remote 14″ Wide Chassis Record and Subwoofer Output and Headphone Output .

The dual chassis design is laced with carbon fiber and mirror-finished glass panels decked out with LED back lit touch sensors, that provide a rigid home for the one of the newest circuits to date. The Odyssey Circuit, designed in 2015, is a dual phase V drive circuit. With El34 power tubes, it pumps out 50 watts of pure tube magic. Silky smooth and emotional, the days of the smoke filled, low light jazz clubs are making a come back. Using the Exact Biasing Vu meter, changing over to the 6550/KT88 power tubes is a breeze and the F22 becomes 60 watts of dynamic force to rock any room.

When it’s time for the neighbors and the kids to go to bed, the fun doesn’t stop. Plug in your headphones and press the headphone button to move your music from your room to your own personal space. The Black Ice Audio F22 integrated amps display an aesthetic that melds classic tube-and-transformer with more modern style and conveniences, such as touch-sensor buttons on the front panel, a headphone jack right off the output transformer, and an included tube-biasing tool that’s easier to use than the typical tiny screwdriver. Both amps were created around Jim Fosgate’s Odyssey dual-phase V drive circuit, a fully balanced differential push-pull design.. The F22 uses EL34s for output and 12AX7s for the preamp stage and features a Hafler hybrid design on the output transformers that’s been tweaked to enable these amps to drive relatively lower-efficiency speakers.

Available in Black or Silver

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