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FIIO PL-50-Linear Power Supply

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The FiiO PL50 is a high quality, low noise, regulated Linear Power Supply which supports both 12V and 15V outputs (with a maximum 3A current for the first and 2A for the latter) that is specifically designed to successfully address all the above mentioned issues. Additionally the PL50 is also equipped with a filter circuit in the AC end for filtering out interference generated from other audio devices being used on the same AC outlet.

Inside the PL50 there is a custom 50VA audiophile-grade toroidal transformer made of high quality Nippon steel iron core and high purity, oxygen free, copper wires for high efficiency, higher precision, more stable voltage and higher energy output. High quality components were chosen for every part of the circuit such as Shindengen bridge rectifiers, TI voltage regulators and Nippon Chemi-Con and Rubycon capacitors. The PL50 features an advanced circuit design that has been optimized to ensure reliable operation, EMI filtering, transformer rectification, voltage regulation and multi-stage filtering. The PL50 is a simple, rectangularly shaped device with a small digital display at the front showing the output voltage. A switch at the back is used to select between 12V or 15V DC while the DC output is provided through a high quality, aviation grade, GX16-2 socket.

The PL50 has a minimalistic industrial design with a chassis made from aluminum - magnesium alloy that effectively shields the internals from external noise and interference. Build quality and finish are excellent. The PL50 comes with a mains cable and a high quality DC output cable with a 5.5x2.1mm barrel plug which is readily compatible with the FiiO K5 PRO/(ESS), K7, M17, Q7, R7 and many devices from other brands.

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