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ZESTO LETO 1.5-Preamplifier

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Zesto Audio


Key Features Plenty of volume to handle all your source material . The input selection uses only electromechanical switching to provide the most musical detail. The wide frequency response allows you to hear the finest passages in your music. True floating transformer balanced Inputs and Outputs have lower noise and isolate one piece of gear to the next. Left and Right ground switches allows you to control the grounding of the single ended outputs. The output transformers provide a strong and clean signal to your power amplifier. Recessed RCA and XLR connectors are high quality, Gold plated, with an isolated ground. All connectors are durable and will hold up to the typical Audiophile who loves to change their configuration. No pops when the unit is turned on or off. Automatically goes to mute when turned on or off. Remote control Volume, Mute and Mono The remote Mono helps you to trouble shoot your system. Remote bypass switch overrides the mute in case the remote is misplaced. 50 hour factory burn in on all circuits and vacuum tubes. Elegantly designed 16 gauge zinc plated steel enclosure to help isolate the electronic “chatter” from nearby equipment. Award winning Isonode anti-vibration feet On/Off power switch conveniently mounted on front side panel Each unit is hand built "Made in the USA". Specification Inputs 5 Inputs 3 sets of Single Ended inputs with an impedance of 100K Ohms 2 sets of true Balanced transformer inputs (pin 2 hot) with an impedance of 10K Ohms All inputs -10dB nominal level Maximum peak input level of 5 Volts RMS Outputs 4 Outputs 2 sets of true Balanced transformer outputs (pin 2 hot) with an impedance 150 Ohms 2 sets of Single Ended outputs with an impedance 150 Ohms Maximum peak output level of 10Volts RMS +20dB Independent ground lift switches on the left and right Single Ended outputs 1 set of Single Ended Cinema bypass outputs from input #1

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