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ROGOZ 4RP2 BBS-Anti-Vibration Table

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ROGOZ Audio Stands


-fiber-content steel alloy, on top of which two elements are placed, each with an inner bearing2-level, four-legged stand with glossy piano finish. Double shelves 2 x 30 mm thick are separated by BBS. BBS has kinematic and dynamic qualities which enable isolated masses to “float” to the sides relative to the system axis, maintaining point support at the same time. BBS also makes it possible to level the stand shelves. Anti-vibration stands are designed for high end audio components. The audio stand structure incorporates a new pradjustable spike made of high. An intermediary (middleoprietary Rogoz Audio antivibration system, BBS (Balancing Board System, Patent P.404137). The system consists of a threaded, height-) element is made of carbon fiber and supports another element, a steel bearing inserted into the shelf. Point contact between the steel spike and the carbon intermediary element prevents movement of either element relative to its axis, but it allows pendular motion. Meanwhile, the contact between the intermediary element and the bearing inserted into the shelf allows restricted rolling motion and sliding motion. Consequently, the advantages of spike point support (contact area has been minimized and kinetic energy turns into heat) have been combined with the effects of deadening vibrations owing to to sliding friction and rolling resistance. Overall height: 684 mm; Overall width: 1100 mm; Overall depth: 560 mm; Leg profile: 165 x 60 mm; Top shelf: 960 x 560 x 30 + 30 mm; Center and bottom shelves: 960 x 490 x 30 + 30 mm; Usable distance between the shelves (moving upwards): 300 mm; Maximum load for each shelf: up to 100 kg (total: 200 kg)

A COMPLETE SET INCLUDES: 1 stand 4 height-adjustable spikes BBS between shelves 4 massive anti-scratch disks protecting the floor

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