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TECHNICS SU-R1000-Integrated Amplifier

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The First-ever Reference Class SU-R1000 Integrated Amplifier Developed to Further Expand Technics’ Sound Experience Technics unveiled its first Reference Class integrated amplifier, SU-R1000. The Reference Class products are developed in pursue of Technics’ insatiable desire to deliver ultimate sound quality to customers, and they offer premium musical experience the Technics brand is known for.


Advancing Performance Via Cutting-Edge Technology: Technics SU-R1000 Integrated Amplifier Features Four Independent Power-Supply Units, Superb MM/MC Phono Preamp The technology behind the SU-R1000, the first Reference Class integrated amplifier in Technics history, is so sophisticated and advanced, it often takes the form of acronyms: ADCT, LAPC, JENO, ASSPS. Above all, however, SU-R1000 functions as a model of simplicity in the involving manners in which it delivers music playback and affords you, the listener, incredible control and easy operation. The statement-making appearance factors in as a kind of bonus — a visual reward for investing in a component that stops at nothing when it comes to immersive, emotional, high-end fidelity — and what it takes to get there. Equipped with brand-new Active Distortion Cancelling Technology (ADCT) — which realizes the further enrichment of the sonic presentation by eliminating distortion generated in the power stage by the speaker's counter electromotive force and a power supply voltage drop — as well as a new Advanced Speed Silent Power Supply (ASSPS) that enables a stunning S/N ratio, SU-R1000 also boasts four independent power-supply units for differential circuit blocks, enabling wowing instrumental separation and massive dynamic swings. Moreover, in the power output section, SU-R1000 employs a high-speed GaN (gallium nitride) FET driver device with super-low resistance. The approach allows for single push-pull configuration, permitting the length of the large-current carrying signal path to get shortened and result in outstanding linearity regardless of the sound level. From a user-functional perspective, SU-R1000 touts a wealth of inputs and outputs, chiefly among which are two USB-B inputs and a stupendous MM/MC phono preamplifier with XLR input. Dubbed Intelligent Phono EQ, the latter features a cutting-edge build with three parts: accurate EQ curve achieved via a hybrid analog-digital system; crosstalk canceller that measures your cartridge's crosstalk and performs reverse-correction with built-in DSP; and response optimizer, which measures the cartridge's frequency characteristic and corrects any disturbance and the effect of impedance matching. All three can be turned off, depending on your preferences.


JENO Engine (Jitter Elimination and Noise-shaping Optimisation)

ADCT (Active Distortion Cancelling Technology)

LAPC (Load Adaptive Phase Calibration)

Advanced Speed Silent Power Supply Four Independent Power Supply Units Intelligent Phono EQ

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