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AVID HIFI INGENIUM METAL PLUG AND PLAY-Turntable/cart. Upgraded Platter

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ENGINEERED QUALITY Sharing the same design philosophy and features from our more expensive designs, Ingenium Plug&Play has true audiophile credentials and an engineered quality. Our unique sapphire bearing and clamping system, which efficiently channels unwanted vibrations away from the record to the chassis, reduces the background noise of the record itself, so there is clarity to the music, the performance not vailed but vivid and transparent. Our unique inverted true single point bearing is the heart of all our turntable designs.

BEARING-A specially shaped sapphire rotates on a captive tungsten carbide ball with no friction, noise or wear. Different to other designs, AVID's bearing has no lateral movement at the contact point, so the platter does not wobble or suffer from rumble noise. The main spindle is tapered preventing standing waves and the single self-lubricating sleeve is maintenance free for life. CHASIS-Machined from solid aluminium, the heavy two and a half by two-inch cruciform shape gives great rigidity between the tonearm and platter. Any movement here and potentially the musical information stored on your records will never be heard. It is also where the bad vibration evacuated from the record through the press fit spindle is harmlessly dissipated.

KEY FEATURES Sapphire Jewell Bearing, Vibration Transfer Clamp, Solid Aluminium Chassis, Sorbothane Isolation Feet ,Avid CA-1 cartridge ,Upgraded Heavy Black Aluminium Platter included.

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