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SORANE TA-1L-Turntable Tonearm

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Gimbal-bearing designs for excellent bass, dynamics and imaging, as well as unconditional azimuth stability (the biggest problem for unipivots). Detachable headshells to allow quick changes of cartridges, the adoption of various mass headshells (to help change the effective mass of the arms and cartridges), and the ability to mount cartridges in a well lit area, in a safe and convenient manner. Machine-tooled and hand-assembled by skilled Japanese craftsmen. This highly skilled and delicate hand-assembly differentiates Sorane/Abis tonearms from similar mass-produced Japanese tonearms. Standard quality high-volume tonearms are produced by die-casting and semi-automatic assembly line processes to keep production costs low. Skilled hand assembly does not simply mean “combining the constituent parts by hand”. Skilled hand assembly involves measurement, adjustment and hand-fitting to produce optimal interface between machined surfaces. Once completed, the fitment between every part is ideal, satisfying the necessary conditions for vibration-free and noise-free reproduction of analog sound. Most importantly, the key to tonearm quality is highly sensitive and delicate motion, for which the bearings are the determining factor. Concerning the reproduced sound from these models: The designer is confident you will get precise and clean sound, which can only be had from hand-made tonearms, but at a very reasonable price with these arms. Whole Length 380mm Effective Length (Tonearm pivot – stylus) 322mm Practical Length (Tonearm pivot – Spindle) 310mm Overhang 12mm Offset angle 16.5° Horizontal moving sensitivity 30mg Vertical moving sensitivity 20mg Vertical Tracking Force (VTF) range 0 – 5g Cartridge + Headshell weight range 15 – 24g ( 30g* Option) Height Adjustment(Plinth to arm wand centerline) 15 – 55mm Vertical Bearing Pivot miniature bearing (Not Pivot Contact) Horizontal Bearing Miniature Radial Bearing Output plug RCA (XLR : Option) Output cable Single core shielded copper Tonearm Audio Lead wire OFC 4N Copper Headshell lead wire Copper with gold plated terminals Headshell Machine tooled Aluminum Tonearm Net Weight 610g Attached standard Headshell Net Weight 17g

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