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PANSONIC DP-UB820 -4K Blueray Player

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Panasonic’s UHD Blu-ray player offers reference-level video performance and also sets a new bar for HDR playback with both HDR flat-panel TVs and projectors.

The Ultra HD player will also come with a new range of technologies Panasonic is calling Optimum HDR processing. At the heart of Optimum HDR is ability of the player to create a more stable HDR picture quality to add detail back into the picture if the television you are watching it on isn't capable. It's a technology that should make a huge difference to owners of mid-range to entry-level HDR televisions and from the demos we've seen could be a game changer. Another Panasonic tech that should also help improve viewing conditions is something Panasonic call HDR Adjustment. Here a light sensor on the player will monitor your environment and offer to change the HDR playback accordingly, perhaps increasing the brightness of the HDR image if you are in a bright room for example. Aside from trying to give you as nearer a Hollywood experience as possible in terms of colour reproduction, the new models, which strip out features as you work your way down through the line of the UB820, UB420, UB330, and UB320, will also offer 7.1 audio support, 4K Video On Demand streaming support from services like Netflix and Amazon Video and High-Res audio playback. Other features including upscaling and voice control should make this range of Blu-ray players certainly ones to consider when it comes to watching 4K movies on your TV.

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