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REKKORD RCM-Record Cleaning Machne

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RCM The new REKKORD RCM is a high-performance record cleaning machine with an ultra-powerful vacuum motor and cleaning efficiency that far exceeds the typical performance characteristics of other cleaners in this price-range. To effectively clean the grooves, you need to wet clean the record. The REKKORD RCM completely cleans records in two rotations with its super powerful vacuum motor. The very best results are achieved with one rotation forward followed by one backwards. To achieve the perfect cleaning, we also need a suitable cleaning fluid. Alcoholic cleaning fluids can destroy musical micro information of the grooves. That‘s the reason why we use an eco-friendly non-alcoholic cleaning fluid. The aluminium surface is able to withstand excessive fluid spill without compromising the chassis. The heavy puck stabilizes the record during cleaning, so that the vacuum arm and motor can work evenly across the entire record surface. It also seals the record label from cleaning fluid to avoid damage on the label. A water-resistant microporous rubber layer protects the platter from absorbing water, ensuring the record‘s bottom stays clean after every cleaning run. The solid chip-lathed vacuum arm is mechanically stable and focuses all suction power directly onto the record surface without damaging it. Paired with self-adhesive arm strips, your records get cleaned perfectly. The large internal container (2 liters) collects used fluid and is effortlessly easy to empty. When using the included cleaning solution, most of the fluid will evaporate in the container, meaning the container will almost never need to be emptied even after cleaning thousands of records. The REKKORD RCM is made in Europe with high quality materials and an excellent build-quality. With many practical features and exceptional mechanical operation, it effectively combines industrial design appeal with an easy solution to great sound from your vinyl records.



Superfast & super strong vacuum motor

Completely dry record within 1-2 rotations

Superior motor for long lifetime

Heavy puck for extra stability during cleaning

Solid chip-lathed vacuum arm

Replaceable self-adhesive arm strips

Water-resistant platter with microporous rubber layer ensures the record‘s bottom stays clean

4 mm aluminium composite panels

Big 2l tank for vacuumed cleaning liquid

Removes static load of vinyl records

Removes cleaning fluid residue free 

High-end build-quality Made in Europe

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