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Spinning vinyl with a turntable is an ever  growing way of listening to music and phono cartridges are ever so important.We cary a wide selection of moving magnet anad moving coil phono cartridges fitting everyone's budget and taste and offer installation of cartridges purchased from us and of course we ship free all across Canada. Brands offered include GRADO, GOLDRING, DYNAVECTOR, HANA , BENZ MICRO , NAGAOKA and REGA. 

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DYNAVECTOR 10X5MK11 -Phono Cartridge
GOLDRING 1006-Phono Cartridge
GOLDRING 1012GX -Phono Cartridge
GOLDRING 1022GX -Phono Cartridge
GOLDRING 1042GX-Phono cartridge
GOLDRING E-1-Phono Cartridge
GOLDRING E2- MM Phono Cartridge
GOLDRING E3-Phono Cartridge
GOLDRING E4 -MM Phono Cartridge
GOLDRING ELITE-Moving  Coil Cartridge
GOLDRING ETHOS-Moving Coil Cartidge
GRADO EPOCH-Phono Cartridge

In-Store Only

GRADO MASTER 3-Moving Iron Cartridge
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